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See a variety of kitchen appliances that may assist you in cooking your favorite dishes, desserts and such. With these appliances, you may also make healthy drinks and foods for you, your family, and relatives, as well as friends and guests. In addition, it is best to keep the kitchen clean as much as possible as it accumulates bacteria faster than any other areas of the house. Having a good vacuum for bare floors is suited for this cleaning task.


living rooms

Isn't it just nice to have a nice and clean living rooms? In here, we will list furniture or design ideas and cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaner to maintain the cleanliness of your living room. Vacuum cleaners are now so popular that manufacturers keep innovating to produce their top rated vacuum cleaners for carpets or area rugs and bare floors such as tile or hardwood. While robotic vacuums are also getting more popular these days.

EurekaBoss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA, 4870MZ

Most vacuum cleaners just don’t “fully” satisfy us when it comes to total cleaning whether at home or in the workplace. We still see annoying pet hair deposited in the deeper portions of our carpet; tiny particles of debris and dirt crouch under the floor, remained
unreachable of the latest brush improvements, giving us to the absurdity of handpicking after that pricey vacuum, making our pocket lint-filled, and wondering—who’s truly the boss? Situations like these motivated the persons at Eureka to get into the context and, eventually, come up with a right-on-time solution- the Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum.

Offering a revolutionary performance for daily household cleaning, the Eureka Boss is the answer for consumers who are insistent on having an authentically hygienic home. The Direct Air Control System of Boss shows off an air selector switch that allows you to regulate all suction either deep into the floor covering or to the hose for uncomplicated high-reach cleaning.

The Power Paw brush provides the required convenience in cleaning stairs and furniture, and even scrapes up pesky pet hair, so Lassie can stay longer inside. The motorized versatile brush gets you anywhere, from carpet to plain-floor cleaning with the tap of a
button. The Boss Smart-Vac is activated by a sturdy, 12-ampere motor that gives ample suction power for extensive carpet-cleaning without leaving something behind on solid floors. READ MORE

Cleaning with Home Made Products

Cleaning is always a need inside the house.
Leaving it dirty can cause you and your family sickness. When cleaning, we
always make use of cleaning products that have chemicals. Using it in cleaning
can cause harm to the house, people, and environment. The market is full of
cleaning products that can be a big help but also can be a threat to health.
Furthermore, there are alternatives that you can depend on when it comes to
cleaning. Just looking inside your house, the substitutes are already present.
It is just a matter of mix and match to achieve a house free from toxins and
chemicals. READ MORE